On the other hand, the same reasons are for android users. you can definitely use proxy settings on the android device and it works similarly like work on the computer. In a previous post, we can share Best VPN Chrome Extension that helps you to hide your IP Address and some of the plugins are also available on Google play store.

How to Configure the Proxy on Your Android Device: From the homepage, go to Settings App > Wi-Fi. You will be directed to see the list of Wi-Fi networks. Tap (Long press) the Wi-Fi Network you want to configure the proxy settings for. A list of options should appear. Note Select Modify Network Setup proxy in Android Studio – Andrey Aleev Jan 14, 2018 Android 5.0 Lollipop: How to setup proxy server ? - WEBcazine

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Mar 15, 2014

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using your android phone as a proxy server - Android Next, set up a proxy server on your Servers Ultimate App running on port 8080. No root required! Now, any requests to your laptop over port 6400 will be forwarded to your mobile data! Test this by opening firefox, going to settings, Networks, and using and port 6400 as a proxy.