I'm new to drupal and using the latest version (7.x). I want hide the Main Menu in all pages until user log-in to the site. I set the Main Menu block role set to "Authenticated Users" only. But I can see the Main Menu on all pages as anonymous user. How could I hide the Main Menu for anonymous user and show them once logged In ?

I'm working with Drupal for the first time and trying to figure out how to change the Menu item names through the Administer Site Building configuration menus. I have logged into the Drupal admin site and navigated to > Administer/ Site Building/ Menus, select the menu item and click Edit, change the Title from , 'About' to 'About Us' however WordPess. How to hide menu items in mobile menu but keep Press F12 in order to open the inspector. Inspect mobile menu. Expand section with menu: You can see the list of menus. Let’s hide About us menu item in mobile menu using CSS only. About us menu appears third in the list. Basically, you should specify this number in CSS selector: Go to Appearance -> Editor. Add the following CSS code and save 6 Must Have Menu Modules for Drupal | Appnovation

Nov 30, 2007

Introduction to the Drupal Content Management System Page 2 Style & Content are separated: Content experts are able to make changes to areas of the website, without having to learn the style rules or web editing skills required in most web authoring software.

Hi Drupal, I've been off the Drupal wagon for 3/4 years now and I'm trying to get back into it. Drupal 9 is here, wow! I was working on Drupal 6/7 projects and when Drupal 8 hit it blew my mind. I'm here to ask about your modern workflows on how to get docker4drupal and an idea into practise.

Add an External Link to a Menu | Drupal Groups Dec 05, 2008 How to override a menu item title - Drupal Video Tutorial 2:52How to override a menu item title; 4:51How to override variables and how the Strongarm module works; 3:44How to modify interface text and version control the overrides; 5:19How to use a version controlled settings.php include to share settings; 6:09How to find …