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How to Connect Macbook to Ethernet Internet With a Cable How to connect a new Macbook Pro with USB C and Touch bar to an Ethernet Cable. If you have a new 2016 or later Macbook Pro with four USB Type C ports then you’ll need to use a USB C to Ethernet adapter to connect to wired internet. Here’s two choices for how to connect Macbook to wired internet … iMac Won't Connect To Internet - November 2010 - Forums Nov 16, 2010

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How do I connect from my macbook to my iMac? | AnswersDrive On your big iMac, Go to System Preferences -> Sharing (in Internet & Wireless) -> Click the box for Screen Sharing. On the Macbook Pro, repeat the same steps. Then go to your Finder on your iMac, make sure you are connected to the Internet, and look for your computers name in the side-bar.

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My iMac will not connect to the internet - Apple Community May 25, 2014 Mac won't connect to the internet: What to do | Macworld Try another site or app. To make sure the problem isn’t restricted to just one website, try visiting …