It’s really easy to change local IP address on your Android phone, but for public IP address, it’s better to go for a VPN service. Do share with us in the comments why you were looking to change IP address on your Android phone.

How to Manually Add IP Address on Android | AW Center To manually add IP address on Android, do as follows: 1. Open Settings and go to WiFi settings. 2. Tao on the WiFi network to manually add IP address. 3. Check Show advanced Options. 4. IP Address is set to DHCP by default, tap and change it to Static. 5. Now manually add IP Address, Gateway, and DNS Note that if you want to manually add an IP Find IP address on LG mobile phone – Software Review RT Oct 21, 2017 IPv6 on Your Mobile Phone | Network World The IPv4 address of my phone is and if we convert each of these octets into hex characters we then get something that can be used inside an IPv6 address notation.

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So, while it is possible someone can geo-locate you by knowing your phone’s IP address (which changes every time you leave your house and come back, as well as every time your device finds a new network to connect to), it is incredibly unlikely due to the nature of cellular data networks and wi-fi routers.

How to Set a Static IP-Address for Wi-Fi on Android 10, 9, 8

Finding phone IP address and learning how to change it Feb 16, 2019 networking - How configure the DHCP settings of WIFI However, if your phone is rooted, you can try using third-party apps for tethering which have the option to change the IP address range. E.g., when the builtin USB tethering was broken in CyanogenMod alphas for Samsung Galaxy W, I used Wired Tether for Root Users , which has such option. IP Proxy Service - Step By Step Guide To Change IP Address Sep 29, 2018