On the news that Google announcing they will downrank sites "with too many valid DMCA takedown notices". Since isoHunt is currently listed as #3 of most noticed sites, that is likely to happen to to us. But let's get it out of the way that we are crying foul just because we are scared of losing traffic.

Popular Movies | IsoHunt Free Software - Faster downloads Oct 19, 2014 Download Movies and Torrent Files from IsoHunt on macOS Download content from IsoHunt using Folx. Folx is a great torrent client for Mac. As well as making it simple and efficient to download torrent, there are other benefits to using the app, including: the ability to assign different priorities to download tasks, regulating download and upload speeds to optimize internet speeds, tag downloaded content to make it easier to sort and manage files. How to Download Movies free using Utorrent and isohunt Jan 05, 2013 Isohunt music | Last.fm

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isoHunt Online isoHunt is a search engine for finding BitTorrent files that are fully categorized so you can easily find what you are looking for.. Along with BTJunkie, isoHunt is one of the most popular search engines for torrent files. The design isn't incredible - you could best describe it as functional.