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[Solved] sudo: unable to resolve host Error in Ubuntu Linux Mar 26, 2019 Error:"Cannot resolve the SSL Host name xxx.xxx.xxx (SSL Issue happened because the client host can’t resolve the FQDN of Linux VDA. You can get detailed logging from CDF traces of Receiver: +++++ 3358,1,2017/11/19 16:02

The error: cannot resolve host address for machine

Every time I try I see a message that says "cannot resolve hostname". From the terminal, I tried: $ ping www.google.com unknown host google.com $ ping network is unreachable output of 'ip addr list' . 2016.08.06 01:54:30 - OpenVPN > RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: localhost: nodename nor servname provided, or not known the problem is in your system. A system MUST be able to resolve name "localhost". You don't find this problem in Tunnelblick because it contacts OpenVPN management at, but Eddie approach is more correct. I don't run a full 19.04, so maybe I'm wrong about the libnss-resolve not being available. Try sudo apt-get install libnss-resolve and see what happens. If nothing, you can edit your hosts line to have the "resolve [!UNAVAIL=return]" befoer the dns -- That's really all I know that installing the package does anyway. – ubfan1 May 18 '19 at 15:11

Jan 04, 2016

RESOLVED: Cloud Backup Fails - Cannot Resolve Host Jan 04, 2016 SL error "DNS CANNOT RESOLVE HOST NAME" - Technical Aug 03, 2016 [Solved!] Can't Resolve Host | Liquid Web