A: It is an on-demand application VPN connection that is initiated by Secure Hub on mobile devices to access corporate network sites or resources. Usually, Secure Hub client starts the MicroVPN connection when end-users open a mobile app such as Secure Mail or Secure Web, that requires corporate network access.

Jul 18, 2019 · In this post I will dive into the Intune policy processing on a MDM managed Windows 10 client. Intune is an MDM system and has the ability to deploy so called device configuration profiles to managed Windows 10 endpoints. We will have a look at the architecture, the settings, and the actual processing including the refresh behavior. Mar 18, 2019 · Set up a Citrix micro-VPN . Citrix Endpoint Management Connector for EMS/Intune uses a micro-VPN SDK to provide secure, managed access to applications. The micro-VPN provides this access through an on-premises NetScaler Gateway. To complete this task, be prepared to provide: A name you choose to identify your micro VPN service I would like to see micro VPN. I like the way that some of the other providers have done something similar where, as you open that app on an end-point device, it creates a micro VPN straight into your device, which is quite a nice little feature. Also, Microsoft Intune relies heavily on its fellow products in the suite. Jan 23, 2020 · In this approach, users of these devices ‘enrol’ with Intune, and receive the rules and settings via the company policies you have configured. For example, you can set password and PIN requirements, create a VPN connection, set up threat protection, and more. For personal or BYOD devices, users may only want access to email or Microsoft

Upon logging into Intune, users may be prompted to enable a Management profile on the device so that the MicroStrategy app can be managed by Intune. After installation, you are redirected to the Company Portal. For more information, see Enroll iOS devices in Intune. Configure Per-App VPN. For information, see Create VPN profiles in Intune.

Intune environment: If you don’t have an Intune environment, set up one. For instructions see the Microsoft documentation. Edge Browser App: The Micro VPN SDK is integrated within the Microsoft Edge app and Intune Managed Browser app for

Next to Micro VPN, click Configure Micro VPN. Enter a name for the micro VPN service and the external URL for your Citrix Gateway and then click Next. This script configures Citrix Gateway to support Azure AD and the Intune apps. Click Download Script. The .zip file includes a readme with instructions for implementing the script.

See the prerequisites, create a group for the virtual private network (VPN) users, add a SCEP certificate profile, configure a per-app VPN profile, and assign some apps to the VPN profile in Microsoft Intune on iOS/iPadOS devices. Also lists the steps to verify the VPN connection on the device.