Level 3 - Public DNS Server | f.resolvers.level3.net - Level 3 Parent, LLC Reverse DNS (PTR record) f.resolvers.level3.net max 2 weeks old: PTR record and DNS servers: Cached, max 1 week old: SPAM and blocklist databases: 2020-07-18: Whois information: 2020-07-17: Tools for you. Your public IP Address. Information about your public IP Address like reverse dns, hosting info and whois data. my IP Address 各种dns:百度DNS/阿里DNS/114DNS/腾讯DNS/ … 2016-6-12 · 国内最早有114DNS,后有阿里DNS、百度DNS,国外则有谷歌DNS以及OpenDNS。这五个公共DNS,又都是大企业的产品,究竟选哪个好呢?114DNS114.114.114.114114.114.115.115阿里DNS223.5.5.5223.6.6.6百度DNS180.76_114dns is one of the earliest DNS servers that were hosted by BBNplanet back in the mid-90s during the birth of the Internet. It later was part of GTE internetworking when they acquired BBNplanet, was briefly part of Verizon when BellAtlantic acq

Oct 22, 2008 · and are level 3 customer dns servers. Easily number in the hundreds. is google which I couldn't even guess, but over a thousand is a conservative idea. I think that's off by an order of magnitude. Here's a list of locations Google has anycast servers on. It's unlikely they spread those broadcast domains beyond a single

2020-7-18 · Best free and public DNS servers in 2020. By Mike Williams 18 June 2020. Speed up and secure your browsing with the best DNS services around today. Shares (Image credit: Pixabay)