In this example,the router TL-WR1043’s LAN IP address is,IP Range is are going to set up rules to block google all the time on all the devices in the network,but no restriction to any other websites.

Tenda Router Website Block and Bandwidth Control setting Jul 24, 2019 Can't access router login page after Windows 10 upgrade So the router is fine, network adapter configuration is fine, and firewall/AV is disabled. I have seen multiple posts about this with no resolution. Why is Windows 10 blocking my connection to the GUI router interface? I am ready to throw this thing out the window. Any assistance is appreciated.

Specifically Block Websites With D-Link Router

Block Websites From Your Router or Using DNS Nov 12, 2019 Solved: My Router is Blocking a Website - Linksys Community

Blocking a website on a router. Most home networks today have a network router for sharing an Internet connection between multiple devices and can even block websites. We recommend blocking a website through a router because it can be password protected, prevents blocks from being bypassed, and because it blocks all devices.

How to fix random blocking of websites in Windows 10 Feb 21, 2017 How to block a website on your modem | CenturyLink Website blocking allows you to stop a device connected to your network from accessing specific websites of your choice. 1. Connect a device, such as a computer or tablet, to the internet through WiFi or using an Ethernet cable connected to your modem. 2. How to Block Websites on Home WiFi Router? | MashTips Apr 18, 2020 Solved: router blocking websites - Verizon Fios Community