Your DD-WRT router is connected to your first router via wifi or ethernet. When you connect to DD-WRT router via wi-fi or ethernet from your PC, you can access internet. Your DD-WRT router local IP address is; Your first router has different LAN subnet for ex.; Start setup process with the followings; 1.

DDWRT DNS Firewall Rule. Once the settings are applied, go to your DD-WRT page again and click on Administration and Commands. In the Commands box, enter the following firewall rule: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i br0 -p udp --dport 53 -j DNAT --to $(nvram get lan_ipaddr) Dec 24, 2015 · Many builds of DD-WRT don’t even implement WPS, which automatically makes it more secure than most other routers out there. There’s no need to disable what isn’t there, which is nice. On DD-WRT builds that did have it, it was disabled by default. Security tab Go to the Security -> Firewall page in the GUI Uncheck Filter WAN NAT Redirection (it is by default) which means loopback will be allowed. If you disabled the SPI firewall then you will have to enable it temporarily to be able to change this setting. The DD-WRT access point can work without having to perform 30-30-30 reset. If you want to restart or reset the device then there are also some risks concerned to it, if it is not done in the right way You can configure most DD-WRT capable routers as a simple 4 or 5 port switch. A switch is similar to a hub in that all devices connected to it will be in the same broadcast domain and can communicate freely with each other. The configuration is nearly identical to that of a Wireless Access Point. DD-WRT is a Linux-based firmware project developed to enhance the performance and features of wireless Internet routers. This open-source firmware upgrade is developed for specific router models and used as a replacement for the inconsistent stock firmware.

In order to set up PPTP VPN on DD-WRT routers you have to flash your router with DD-WRT firmware and set router local IP address as Also please, check if you can connect to Internet via Wi-Fi from DD-WRT router. We also recommend checking VPN on your PC/Mac to ensure that your network configuration and ISP allow PPTP VPN connections.

Later I tried with DD-WRT v3.0-r40672 giga (08/17/19) but found it unstable and returned to DD-WRT v24-sp2 (04/17/14) kongac. The dd-wrt firmware works stable and provides an equal perfomance as the stock firmware but with more features for wireless channel controls and use of VPNs.

Mar 15, 2011 · Disable SPI Firewall on the Device. The Netgear WNR3500L (herein refered to as device), at 453Mhz in DD-WRT is simply not fast enough to handle the amount of IPTV (multicast, and otherwise) traffic that TELUS TV requires. To fix this issue, simply navigate to the Firewall tab (located under the Security tab) and select Disable for SPI Firewall.

Sep 18, 2019 · To disable the Firewall settings on your dd-wrt router follow the steps given below: Go to Security and click on the Firewall tab Click Disable on the SPI Firewall option To setup the VPN, click on the VPN Passthrough tab (from Security) Configure your DD-WRT router to share your regular internet connection. 1. Go to Security (1) and select Firewall (2). Make sure SPI Firewall is enabled (3). 2. Below The DROP rule should be put inside a conditional block so that it only gets added if the SPI firewall is disabled, or the entire feature should become dependent on the SPI firewall being enabled. 2) There's no reason to specify the LAN IP in the rules.