With the issue of video piracy becoming a growing topic of interest to many in Canada, we decided to amalgamate the Canadian data collected from those reports, plus new data on BitTorrent, into a singular report to which provides real-network data on the prevalence of video piracy in Canada.

Federal Court Approves First ‘Pirate’ Site Blockade in Canada Nov 18, 2019 BSA - Report Piracy Now: Case Developers should be compensated for the products they have created and that’s why we’re asking for your help. By simply filling out the form below, you can easily and confidentially help us end software piracy in Canada. Your report is confidential. Report Software Piracy Now Piracy Study - BSA Both the United States and Canada experienced continued piracy, with the U.S. at 25%, up from 24% in 2000, but still the lowest of all countries worldwide. The piracy rate in Canada remained the same at 38%. LATIN AMERICA Latin America experienced a small decline in the average piracy rate. The piracy … Pirates & Privateers: History of Maritime Piracy

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IPTV Service Shut Down, Replaced with Anti-Piracy Warning

Pirates & Privateers: the History of Maritime Piracy Pirates of Canada By Cindy Vallar He turned to piracy at the age of 36 when the pirate Howell Davis captured the ship on which Roberts sailed. Upon Davis’ death, the pirates chose Roberts as their new captain even though he abhorred liquor, forbade gambling, and encouraged prayer. In just 2 ½ years, he captured more than 400 prizes.