The VPN works fine from Windows. However, I also use two different virtual machines via Oracle VirtualBox. One of them, running CentOS 6.5, still connects to the internet just fine. The other one, Lubuntu 13.10 no longer connects to the internet after the upgrade when AnyConnect VPN is in use.. If I disconnect from VPN, the Lubuntu VM connects

Jun 09, 2019 Using virtual machines (e.g. via VMware or VirtualBox Sep 24, 2019 How to connect to a VirtualBox VM desktop remotely Oct 18, 2017 Advanced Privacy and Anonymity Using VMs, VPN’s, Tor – Part 5 VirtualBox Networking Basics By default, VM network adapters are attached to NAT. That is, they use the host machine’s active network gateway (wired, wireless, VPN, etc) with network address translation (NAT) and VirtualBox’s built-in DHCP server. Multiple VMs …

VPN Connection Keeps Dropping? Here's What You Have to Do

Nov 23, 2019

Apr 29, 2010

virtualization - Bridging VirtualBox over OpenVPN TAP I'm trying to configure a virtual machine (VirtualBox guest running Backtrack 4) with a bridged adapter over a VPN connection. The VPN is is hosted by the cybersecurity club at my university, and connects to a sandboxed LAN designed for penetration testing against various servers that the club has built. (newbie) VPN with virtual box : virtualbox